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Gravenor and Grosvenor in  Shropshire and Staffordshire

In my search for my family history, the trail has taken me from where I was born in Solihull in Warwickshire, back to Claverley in Shropshire, calling in on places like Aston in Birmingham and  Wednesfield in Staffordshire. The family name has also changed over the years to Grosvenor from the early one of Gravenor! The spelling of early entries in the  Parish records varies from Grasvenoir through Gravenor to Grosvenor, so we have  been called lots of names over the years <g>

There seems to be two lines of the surname, one of which includes the current Duke of Westminster, who can, it is said, trace his line to relatives of William the Conqueror around Chester, the other goes back to Claverley, and is probably from more humble Saxon stock.

Learned Genealogists have stated that the  Claverley line started around a vill of High Gravenor which is still standing a  couple of miles west of Claverley, but I have found other Gravenor places  reputed to be just as early (1292) in the region of Norbury and Ventnor, on the  western side of the Long Mynd, some 25 miles away.

If you have any Grosvenor relatives in your line, I would be interested in hearing from you, perhaps even giving you a few more to look at <g>

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